Standard SATCOM Hardware
The RCS solution uses standard off-the-shelf SATCOM and avionics technologies to transmit your basic flight information to the Remote Co-Pilot's ground station.  On the workstation, the data is displayed as a virtual PFD in real time, so the Remote Co-Pilot can monitor all primary aircraft trends and performance.  Connected through the intercom via a SATCOM link, the Remote Co-Pilot inteacts with the PIC in a co-pilot and pilot-monitoring (PM in CRM lingo) role. 

Remote Co-Pilot Workstation
The Remote Co-Pilots workstation enables real-time monitoring of a virtual PFD, weather data, a virtual chase plane view of the aircraft over the surrounding terrain, and any internet based airport or traffic information.  The Remote Co-Pilot has all the information immediately accessible for the asking.  So the PIC can get the current weather at his destination even when he is an hour away.  Although the improvements for in-flight weather data may also provide this information, sometimes it is easier to just ask your Remote Co-Pilot rather than navigating all the menus in the MFD just to know that the weather is still below minimums.  And when in-flight changes are necessary, the Remote Co-Pilot can handle all the tasks that cause a PIC to get distracted.  For example, if encountering stronger headwinds, the Remote Co-Pilot can plan an enroute fuel stop, find the best price, file a new flight plan from the stop, and call the customer at the destination to let them know you will be half an hour late.  This "load shedding" helps the PIC to focus on flying the airplane while all the support services and taken care of.

New aircraft and VLJ's have integrated advanced avionic systems that can pipe the information directly into the Remote Co-Pilot process.  Existing aircraft can install inexpensive standalone AHRS units integrated with feeds from the on-board avionics to provide independent data feeds matching the on-board displays.  This also acts as a secondary backup system to the installed instruments for an extra safety measure.  RCS improves the utility of your aircraft by helping make business and personal flying safer, more convenient, and more flexible.  Contact RCS today to learn more about how RCS can serve you.