Your Personal Remote Co-Pilot

Remote Co-Pilot

Have you ever wished you just had someone else in the cockpit to help out when the workload peaks?  Just to go over this new approach, or to pick up ATIS, or to call the limo and let them know you are going to be late?  And when the weather is down, what single pilot would not want to have another set of eyes on the gauges as you approach decision height still in the soup?

Remote Co-Piloit Services, LLC brings all the benefits of a trained and professional co-pilot without the expense, weight, scheduling, and unknown reliability of a part-time second pilot.  Primarily aimed at the single pilot high performance aircraft owner/operator, RCS uses proven, off-the-shelf technologies to bring another pilot in the loop when you need it the most.  RCS is your full-service, on-call, professional remote co-pilot .

  • Professional pre-flight planning
  • Professional WX and route briefings
  • Real-time remote safety pilot services during the critical phases of flight
  • Co-Pilot CRM services including checklists, approach briefings, enroute condition briefs, ASOS/ATIS retrieval, conceirge services, and workload shedding assistance

Because Your Job is to Fly the Airplane...


Real-Time Support, CRM, and Flight Monitoring for Single Pilot Aircraft Operations